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Trade & Office & Hotel Center



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“Slavonic World” Group of Companies, Moscow

“Slavonic World” Group of Companies has launched a Project for erection of “Slavonic World” modern Multi-Functional Center incorporating trading areas, office premises, hotels, restaurants, service centers, entertainment centers and many others on the part of “MKAD 41 km” Building Market, the largest market in Europe, in close vicinity to Mosrentgen settlement in Leninsky district, Moscow region.

The total Center area - 1.380.000 sq.m.

Commissioning of the first stage is estimated for 2015. Currently, our Firm is at the stage of Site preparation for construction activities.

Today, planning & engineering has been completed, construction permits and State Expertise Statement have been issued. Municipal utilities are already available for the future Project: water, gas supply, sewage and heating. Laying of overhead power transmission lines is underway.


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Economic and social expediency of the Project are justified by high demand on the market for office, trading and hotel premises in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as favorable location adjacent to federal highways, adjoining residential blocks with population over 3.0 mln people. According to accepted classification, “Slavonic World” Center relates to “super-regional” centers.

According to Master Plan, the building of “Slavonic World” Center is designed as a single multi-story building for accommodation of trading areas, for both food and non-food products, public catering enterprises, consumer service centers, sports & recreational facilities, cultural & entertainment centers, multi-functional business center including. The Project also includes multi-hall cinema center, exhibition lounge, theatre & concert hall, children’s playgrounds: to download and view video presentation (download 42 MB >>>)

Volumetric and Layout Solution for “Slavonic World” Center assumes internal “City” zone with pedestrian walkways, backyards with pubs, clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, public and consumer service centers.

Total area of sheltered premises - 1.380.000 sq.m.
Trading area - 300.000 sq.m.
Office premises - 430.000 sq.m.;
sub-grade parking for 12.000 cars.
Warehousing areas - 120.000 sq.m.

“Slavonic World” Trade Center functional sub-zoning:

See: Master Plan;
Volumetric & Layout Solution;
Profile view cutout in axes P-U S 1:200;
profile А-U S 1:500


См. план пентхауза на отметке:

+ 50,700

см. план кровли на отметке:

+ 54,700

XII Floor represents a technical floor

+ 47,400


VII-ХI Floors office floors

+ 30,900
+ 34,200
+ 37,500
+ 40,800
+ 44,100


V-VI Floors

+ 27,600
+ 24,300


III и IV Floor

+ 17,700, + 11,100


II Floor

+ 4,500

I Floor

+\- 0,000

см. план этапов строительства:

план 1-го этажа
на отметке +\- 0,000



1 - 4 подземные уровни - автостоянки;
см. поэтажные планы на отметках:

- 4,500
- 7,800
- 11,100
- 14,400



5-й подземный уровень -
складские помещения;
см. поэтажные планы на отметке:

- 21,600



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